Ways to give at mbc

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Church Center App

A free app for Apple iOS and Android.

Giving is secure through the app.

Text to Give

Text any amount to 84321.

Follow the prompts to complete your gift.

Click here for instructions,

instructions are below as well.

Cash or Check

Give by cash or check at our services

or mail to

PO Box 45702, Madison, WI 53744

Text-To-Give Instructions

1)  Text any amount to 84321. (If your number isn't already set up for text-to-give, a setup link will be sent back to you.)

2)  Tap the setup link to be guided to the next step.

3)  Select your church. A list of churches in the area will be suggested.

  • If your phone number is recognized by Planning Center Giving, the appropriate church will be listed as a "Suggested" organization.

  • If you're texting from outside Madison, enter Metro Believers Church in the Search.

4)  Enter your email address and, if prompted, your name.

5)  Enter the payment method you'd like to use for text-to-give.

  • If you're already a donor and you've added a payment method before (say, a bank account for ACH or a credit card) then you can optionally log in to access your saved payment methods.

6)  Complete your initial setup donation. 

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